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Hanselmann Photography is Jeff and Fred Hanselmann

Hanselmann Photography

Fred, Jeff and Joan Hanselmann


Fred Hanselmann

Jeff Hanselmann and his wife Ayn

Steve Hanselmann, Jeff’s Son

Joan Hanselmann, Fred’s wife


Photographs of wild and scenic America by Jeff and Fred Hanselmann

A family business for over twenty years.  



Since 2015, Hanselmann Photography has been myself, Fred Hanselmann, and my son Jeff Hanselmann.

For the twenty years before 2015 Hanselmann Pottery was just Fred and Joan Hanselmann. In 2015, Fred and Joan pretty much retired and our son Jeff took over the business.  I still help Jeff a bit by writing newsletters and working on the website, but Jeff now does all the photography, all the printing, and basically all the important stuff of running the business.  At this point, Jeff is also a carpenter and a home builder, so until he finishes with that career, the photography business will be running a little slower than he would like it to.  But he plans to be a full time photographer sometime in the next several years.  Here is an article about Jeff and his life.


Jeff Hanselmann biking on the Erie Trail in upstate New York,  Fred was along on that trip also.  It was a great trip.


For fifteen years Joan and I lived in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Howard, Colorado and ran Hanselmann Photography from there.  In March of 2009 we moved to Placitas, NM where there is less snow and warmer weather. Placitas is located about ten miles north of Albuquerque in the foothills of the Sandia Mountains.

Our new home in New Mexico isn’t quite as deep in the mountains as our Colorado home was, but Placitas does have a real feel of being part of the southwestern desert rather than part of a big city. Both Joan and I feel much more at home in a rural environment than in the city. Actually, neither of us has ever lived in even a small city. There are a bunch of pictures of where we used to live in Colorado and where we now live in New Mexico at the bottom of this page.

Jeff currently lives in a small town in Maine just south of Portland. He is married and has three children who are eleven, thirteen and fourteen.  For many years Jeff was a roofing contractor in Colorado and then he ran his own construction company in Maine. Currently he keeps pretty busy buying and remodeling homes for the rental business he and his wife run in Maine.

In 2015 Jeff decided he wanted to become a little more professional with his photography and so he became a partner in Rocky Mountain Photography.  Here is an article about the difference between Fred and Jeff’s photography. 


Fred Hanselmann using a large format Film camera
Fred Hanselmann in the days he used to shoot with a large format camera.  Nowadays we use high-end digital cameras which are much smaller and also produce much better quality images.


Both Joan and I have a great love for the mountains and rivers and deserts of the American west. I suppose this came from our childhoods. We both grew up in Wyoming and learned at an early age to love the wild places around us.

Joan grew up camping and fishing and hiking with her family in the Wind River Mountains in the North-western part of the state.

I had similar experiences. When I was between ten and fourteen or so, my parents would often take my brother and I on a series of wonderful summer vacation trips to the great National Parks of the West.

Since we lived in Wyoming, one of the places we often visited was Grand Teton National Park. I can still remember one magic morning when we got up very early to go on a hike. We were walking around Jenny Lake shortly after dawn. The lake was absolutely still and mirrored the majestic Cathedral Group of the Tetons. Mists swirled above the lake and in the high peaks. The air was filled with the scent of pine and clean mountain water. I was absolutely enthralled. I vowed to come back. And I have. I’ve been back to the Tetons every year of my life since, except for a couple of years that I spent in the army. The Tetons have become a central and enduring part of my life.

Joan Photographing at McDonald Lake
Joan Hanselmann shoot with her medium format camera in Glacier National Park.

Another formative experience happened on one of our family visits to the Grand Canyon. We were on the North Rim at the beautiful old lodge there. I remember we were on some sort of overlook near the lodge, right on the the rim of the canyon. Someone was playing classical music on an organ. How the organ got to the overlook, I’m not sure. I guess the lodge did things more grandly in those days. I remember standing at the iron railing, overlooking the Canyon, watching the sun set into purples and mauves and golds and reds and being completely swept away. My mother tells me that I couldn’t be budged from the place until the sun had completely set and it was dark.

And then there were countless fishing and camping trips in Wyoming that filled my mind with happy memories. The smell of sage, the sound of running water, the sight of white cumulus clouds floating high over blue peaks had a large influence on my developing mind.

I’m sure that all of these experiences played a large part in my decision to become a landscape photographer. These images of the beauty of the natural world, seen at an early age, have remained with me all my life. Perhaps by being a landscape photographer, I’m trying, over and over, to recreate the perfection of these early images.


Fred Hanselmann

Joan Photographing
Joan photographing in the Tetons


Fred Hanselmann with Large Format Camera

Fred using a 4×5 camera near our old home in Howard, CO


Jeff Hanselmann shooting in the winter blueberry fields of Maine


Fred and Joan Hanselmann

Fred and Joan Hanselmann with their youngest granddaughter Caitlin in Maine.


Jeff Hanselmann biking in Upstate NY


Howard, Co
For 15years we lived in the pine forest not far beyond this mountain meadow


Cherry Creek, Howard, CO

The road to our old home in Howard, Colorado. For 15 years we lived in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains three miles up this road. The two prominent mountains are called the Twin Sisters.


Howard Home
Our Old Home in The Sangre de Cristo Mountains in Howard, CO


Placitas Home
Our New Home in Placitas NM After a Rainstorm


New Mexico Sunset, Placitas, NM
8275, The view to the West from the backyard of our new home in Placitas, NM


Sandia Mounains from Placitas, NM
Placitas NM and the Sandia Mountains From Our New Placitas Home


Sandia Mountains
The Sandia Mountains From the Front Yard of Our Placitas Home


Fred and Joan Hanselmann
Fred and Joan Hanselmann, Taken by Their Grandaughter Rachel


Fred Hanselmann, June 2016

Jeff with his wife in the Philippines in 2013


Our McDonald Lake picture on a bedroom wall.


Here are some pictures from our main website that you may like.

Rocky Mountains

New England

Pacific Northwest



National Parks

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